NetWorkClinic – Leading Provider of Health Clients

Every day we receive calls from over 100 new clients who want to book an appointment with a health specialist, can we send them to your clinic?

NetWorkClinic is an independent group of experts that provide health professionals with new clients.

Our creativity and topnotch advertising strategy help our partners all over the world in getting new clients on a regular basis without them taking any economical risk.

In order to stand out, be noticed, succeed and to fill the calendar with new clients you need to be different from your competitors.

NetWorkClinic can provide your clinic with a risk free opportunity to do just this. With our unique advertising and online strategies we can guarantee you new clients starting from today. All without you paying a dime unless you get real customers that show up for an appointment.

Only pay for Real customers!

We believe that the key to business success is when everybody wins and when all parties feel they get real value.

That is why our partners take no economic risk and only pay for real customers that actually show up. As a partner you can take advantage of our expertise when it comes to bringing real customers to your clinic.

In order to stay on top we always work in close partnership with our partners. In that way, we can help each other to improve our businesses, gain more clients and enhance profitability.

We are presently the leading client provider to health organizations in Scandinavia, UK and Balticum.